About Us

Our Services

Architectural acoustics provides design and consulting services for sound insulation, noise and vibration control of HVAC system, and interior acoustics. Through the implementation of our solutions and process instruction to achieve the quality of interior acoustic function. Our work covers but is not limited to the following:

  • To realize the acoustic requirements and functions of the performing and audience area.;
  • Integrated design of the performance spaces, and supervision during the construction;
  • Noise and vibration analysis and control of the HVAC system;
  • Identify and solve existing equipment noise and vibration problems;
  • Acoustic and interior integrated design for a performing art space;
  • Concept planning and design.

Our Experience

Our technical team has over 25 years of experience with more than 260 engineering projects in the field of architectural acoustics. At IACC, each project is personalized. We set design objectives according to the environment and functional, and conduct acoustic optimization for architectural design and primary electromechanical design. To guide interior design schemes, predict and simulate sound quality effects; Provide acoustic technical guidance or supervision during construction to ensure construction quality.

Our philosophy

We never solve specific professional problems in a single way. Architectural acoustics and architectural, structural, decorative, mechanical and electrical, IAQ, durability, economy and other comprehensive factors are all the starting point of our design and consulting work.

Acoustical Instruments and Software

  • World-class indoor acoustic computing and simulation software:Denmark, ODEON 14.05, Denmark
  • World-class outdoor noise simulation and prediction software:Cadna/A, Germany
  • Complete building acoustics measurement instrument system and data analysis softwareACOEM FUSION SYSTEM, France